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Barbara Castellanos


Beauty entrepreneur, model, and business executive, Barbara comes from a creative background with 10 years of luxury fashion design experience.

Castellanos has had the pleasure of modeling for high couture designers around the world, alongside her first-class associate, Giannina Azar. As well, she has protagonized significant international brands such as Dior, Pretty Little Things, Revolve and Fashion Nova.

Plus, she has walked the runway for the most important fashion shows in the world: The Miami Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, RD Fashion Week y New York Fashion Week among others.

Barbara’s goal with Pasarellas is to help women feel confident about themselves through fashion expression. There is a huge meaning behind the couture industry that she is passionate about since she was a little girl.

"My goal is to generate my print in the fashion industry in America and the Entire World"

- Barbara Castellanos